Habitat Co-Work Tofino / Ucluelet

Get away from the distractions. Immerse yourself in the wild with everything you need to keep up with the hustle. Find Habitat.

It has been an intense and very rewarding last 7 months for me as I purchased a home in  Ucluelet, BC a place that I love and renovated a classic home with my 72 year old father to create a co-work and vacation space for families, friends and remote workers from around the world. With the main amenities and modern cozy décor in place I look forward to adding socialgenic elements and ultimately hosting retreats in Tofino / Ucluelet. My goal is to have at least 40 different knowledge workers co-work from Habitat in 2018.

Habitat Accomodations Ucluelet / Tofino

What makes Habitat Co-Work different?

The thing that makes Habitat different is that it is a live on sight co-work space unique is there are private rooms for up to 5 digital nomads to keep up the hustle while getting a dose of the coast. Rooms include fast internet, monitors and printers. Vlog and podcast studios are in the works. Work / Stay / Play at Habitat Co-Work Tofino – Ucluelet!

Come and thrive at Habitat Co-work Tofino / Ucluelet

Fall and spring are the best time to immerse yourself in the wild and get away from the distractions of the city without being disconnected. Ucluelet and Tofino offer breweries, dining, hiking, biking and surfing. Live coastal will keeping up the hustle. Check out Habitat Accommodations Tofino / Ucluelet

New! Habitat Co-work Mini Home Experience

As of February 1st 2018 the super unique Ha’barn’tat Mini Home is available for rent in Ucluelet, BC. This character barn has been fully modernized with some funky flair and pacific northwest style. Consider it for a:

  • super-productive remote work stint

  • relaxing / romantic getaway

  • serious west coast surf mission or

  • unique and affordable wedding venue

Experience all the best of the Pacific Northwest. Book the Mini-Home Experience now.


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