I’m a Marketing and Communications professional that connects people to their passions, their peers and the brands that matter to them. Be it jaded teenagers or exhausted moms – the stories we’ll tell together and the experiences we can design – will engage people, create memories and snap folks into action.

As a growth-hacker-for-hire I put the right content in front of your customers at the right time to improve your chances of success whatever your budget. I spend each dollar as though it were my own and dollars in my care are dollars better spent.

Past accomplishments include:

– Marketing tourism businesses including Destination Campbell River, The Vancouver Lookout, Cameron Ocean Adventures, Ucluelet Brewing Co. and Shelter Point Distillery.

– Managing SEO, Google Ads and social media marketing for The Tantalus Group and Bennett Land Surveying.
– Training and consulting hundreds of North American tourism businesses for Destination BC and others on how to thrive with connected consumers and make your guests your best marketers in a digital world. (video)
– Marketing a world-first urban art experience on a one kilometer bridge in downtown Vancouver – uninterrupted.ca.
– Creating a one of a kind retreat and vacation rental in Ucluelet, BC.
– Building a virtual place for an entire nation to express themselves during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games on Canada CODE. www.canadacode.ca.
– Helping Coca-Cola support youth culture with the Coca-Cola Crew a hand picked group of youth influencers and signature events including: ArtBattle and The Spot and Graf-Fix.
– Connecting General Motors, Oakley, WestJet and Milk with the next generation of filmmakers and the attractive teen market as founder and director of the Hot Shots Film and Ad Festival.

As an employee, entrepreneur and coach I’ve spent my career creating content that catches attention, communication that drives conversations and systems that convert the curious into customers.

Specialties: Socialgenics, Ideas with LIFTDigital Strategy, Website Project Management, Tourism/Hospitality Marketing, Event/Experiential Marketing, Earned Media/PR, Communications, Advertising, Social Media, Branding and Identity, Viral Content, Fresh Ideas and Solid Strategy.

Good Idea Guarantee: Contact me now with your company name and your current objectives. I will respond with at least one quality constructive suggestion to give you a jump.

Have fun and improve your business with a ThinkSheet from COFFEE Business Stimulus. Invest 30 minutes in your dreams and leave you more informed and excited about your brand and business.