Covid Cooking Recipes: Cajun Curry Roast Pumpkin and Pulse Burgers

Stay healthy. Stay happy. Eat burgers.

I was craving burgers while in self-isolation and while I’m normally a pretty big carnivore it seemed like a great opportunity to try something new and clean out the pantry a bit. If you notice any atypical ingredients that was out of necessity. The goal was to make the best burger with what I had without running to the store. I dug deep into the freezer as well. It all ended up pretty tasty. 

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What are hashtags and how should I use them?

Over the last decade consulting hundreds of businesses and communications professionals on digital and social media communications – “What are hashtags and how should I use them?” have been two of the most common questions people ask. It has also become clear that many businesses that think they understand hashtags are actually not using them to their full potential. For that reason I put together a short and sweet summary to help you understand hashtags and how to use them to get more customers while engaging your current audience.

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fonts for branding

The importance of fonts for branding – GoDaddy

Logging in to check some GoDaddy domains this morning I was surprised to see serifs where once there was none. While the usually login screen which has featured a smiling GoDaddy call-center rep for several years was also gone, (perhaps they realized people buy the hole not the drill, or that positioning themselves on service was not exactly putting their best foot forward) the simple change to the font let me know something big was afoot. GoDaddy has been Wix-Space-ified.

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Unique Business Card 2019 – The Year of Socialgenic Marketing

This year I am doubling down on the power of experiences and communications that are shareable by design in my own businesses and the attention grabbing solutions we build for our clients at COFFEE Business Stimulus. Watch this space (or better yet subscribe) to see a collection of our and other’s outputs that capitalize on the Socialgenic ethos (stimulating peer to peer sharing by design).

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