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Decals, Signs and Design on Vancouver Island

It was great to see post-Covid restriction tourist visits trending up on Vancouver Island. From what I saw-certainly in and around Tofino and Ucluelet-folks are back out adventuring and resetting.

As a marketer and designer working in the area I created some materials to help local businesses increase walk-in traffic, prompt social sharing, and get more online reviews, all cost effective ways for tourism business to get additional customers. Here are some examples of my recent work. I have recently invested in a decal cutting machine and look forward to getting some great graphics up for businesses that are missing out on interest from passersby and their wandering eyes.

Get an eye catching new logo and/or decals/stencils.

Window Decals and Signs – Cameron Ocean Adventures

With a new storefront leased just up from where they dock their covered whale watching vessel, Cameron Ocean Adventures asked COFFEE Business Stimulus (me) to help them capture more attention and get return on their location and visual real estate.

Window decals invited folks exploring the aquarium and public dock to tour or fish with COA. Unique selling propositions like a comfortable heated craft with washrooms were shared and the social proof of positive reviews were front and center.
The COA logo previously crafted by COFFEE informed the design system for store signage. The objective was to visually communicate professional and comfortable access to adventure on the water and in the wild.

Promotional Postcards and Bookmarks

The best way to stimulate social sharing and to get Google Business reviews (THE most important way to make your business visible in Google Maps) is to ASK FOR THEM. And you might as well ask in a memorable and amusing way.

COFFEE created promotional postcards and bookmarks to help staff prompt guests to share their experiences and submit reviews.

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