The importance of fonts for branding – GoDaddy

Logging in to check some GoDaddy domains this morning I was surprised to see serifs where once there was none. While the usually login screen which has featured a smiling GoDaddy call-center rep for several years was also gone, (perhaps they realized people buy the hole not the drill, or that positioning themselves on service was not exactly putting their best foot forward) the simple change to the font let me know something big was afoot. GoDaddy has been Wix-Space-ified.

In the tradition of Under Considerations Brand New blog. Here is a before and after comparison for discussion. We know fonts are key for branding, how does the new make you feel vs. the old? (Bonus points if anyone can deduce another online brand that uses the font on the GoDaddy home page, it’s on the tip of my tongue and killing me.)

fonts for branding image 1
New! Hip! GoDaddy correspondence!
fonts for branding image 2
GoDaddy 3.O?

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