Unique Business Card 2019 – The Year of Socialgenic Marketing

This year I am doubling down on the power of experiences and communications that are shareable by design in my own businesses and the attention grabbing solutions we build for our clients at COFFEE Business Stimulus. Watch this space (or better yet subscribe) to see a collection of our and other’s outputs that capitalize on the Socialgenic ethos (stimulating peer to peer sharing by design).

Unique Business Card Design – Now With Gluten!

For the first post of the year I am happy to share this unique business card design from Pasta Boy Peter, a friend and fellow entrepreneur. While the per unit price may be high, the likelihood that the concept/image will reach far further than the business owner ever could to “press the flesh” is inarguable. When I saw these cards I knew I had to immediately post it here and to get it onto Reddit to do its thing. Nice work by check him out! I know first hand is a great educator and entertainer.


As a marketer in the age of programmatic hyper targeted campaigns I am going out of my way to share the efforts that break the mold and bring exponential returns to the creators that are brave enough to try something new.

Innovative campaigns, they aren’t just for award shows any more! The world is your stage, give people something to shout about! Contact me if you want the recipe for creative ideas that break through. Twitter: @trevorJurgens

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Your source for content and experiences that get shared. Get off the social media / marketing treadmill? Contact me to hack human nature.

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