Simple SEO Tips

As I work with my clients, and I have identified some great tools and simple SEO tips that I am happy to share. Please hit me back with your top simple SEO tips in the comments so we can learn together and build a resource.

Simple SEO Tips: The Hoth

If you are looking to understand what keywords are driving your traffic, see where you rank in Google for specific keywords and easily identify what keywords merit your attention based on the related search volume and the likelihood you can hit the first page, I highly recommend this free Google Ranking Tool from

I used it to determine that this page on SaSS Sales Training at was among those with the most potential to hit the first page.

Because we ranked 9th for that keyword with good potential to hit the second or even the first page regularity I had clear direction that I could invest some time to get additional third party links to this page particularity through guest blogging or peer-to-peer promotion.

I will keep you posted to see what effect getting two or three additional links ideally from pages with high domain authority.

simple seo tips image

As you can see in this image other similar keywords do not rank as well and have similar search volume so I am prioritizing the most promising opportunity firs

Thanks for reading and please share your own simple SEO tips in the comment section!

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