Summer of Hacks – Bike Tube Surf Bin Strap/Handle

Must be the hot weather, short skirts or exhaustion from chasing short skirts in hot weather but I have been feeling creative and a few life/food hacks have come into my head this summer that have solved some reoccurring problems and made my life simpler/tastier. While they are nothing that will change the world, they may make your day. I am going to pace them out over the next few days and know that others will hit me that I’ll be sure to share.

Bike Inner Tube Surf Bin Strap Hack

Surf Bin Hack

Trips to the Canada’s cold water surf require a lot of gear and while the affordable and handy catchall that is the RubberMaid bin sure keeps the wet stuff in and the sand out, they can be real rascals to wrestle. the two handed grip makes it extra tough when you are hauling a board, cooler and backpack.

Enter the inner tube. Salvaged from a 26 inch mountain bike rim the tube makes the perfect bungee and is recycled, stretchy and free! When stretched around the bin in a looping “X” it keeps the lid on tight and makes one handed transport not only possible but easy, even providing an energy giving “boing” with each step. IMG_1348

Bonus Benefit

As an added bonus the tube also connects the bin perfectly to my pull luggage totally taking the weight of a wet wetsuit off my shoulders. If traveling this way for extended periods with wet contents I would say put the bin in a garbage bag first as some water will drain and could get your luggage and contents wet.

Do you have any surf related life hacks? Following me on Twitter and give me a hollah! @trevorjurgens

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