Watching Without Seeing: Arsenal vs. Barcelona

Huge European football match featuring the likes of Messi, Villa, Fabregas and Van Percie.

Plenty to accomplish over lunch including eating a yellow thai-curry and writing a blog post.

What to do? The key was to watch without seeing. Know what was hapenning without dedicating my full attention to the match. The skill of sensing what is happening on the pitch using only the pitch and volume of the announcer and the crowd. Luckily I honed this ability spending days painting my apartment and “watching” World Cup 2010. Then as now I would rush to the screen when the decibels dictate something was happening.

This time the web feed is in Spanish so that brings a new dimension. While it easier this time because without the drone of the lepatata Mambu (aka. vuvuzela) I can actually hear the crowd’s reaction; it is harder because the announcer is so animated they screech and squeal like a basque pig over something as simple as the amount of injury time. Overall once you learn to recognizes the correct Catalan pronunciations of the African player’s names ( Johan Danon Djourou-Gbadjere anyone?)… you are pretty much sorted.

Better run, my curry is done and it sounds like Messi is eviscerating the Arsenal defense.


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