To Blog or Not to Blog

The opportunity is rife for social media agencies to leverage blogging and walk the talk. Potential clients are proactively seeking out answers in the rapidly changing realm of social media and what better way to demonstrate your expertise and the value you provide than by playing Gordon Ramsay to their Kitchen Nightmare (with fewer expletives).

A corporate blog is a great place to answer questions for potential customers and start a relationship. There is nothing better than a free trial to get customers to act and that is possible through a blog. Think of it as a buffet of your best ideas that potential clients can test out and develop a taste for. This is not an all you can eat Smörgåsbord but a way to show you know your flan from your crème brûlée.*

On this site I offer a “one good idea guarantee” to anyone who wants to let me know their industry and social media or marketing challenge. This lets me demonstrate how I can help them with their digital strategy and I encourage other marketing professionals to do the same. Running a business? Fire away!

* Special Note: This sentence sets the new record on this blog  for “most foreign accents used” at 5. And use of asterisks at 1.


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