6s Marketing on Facebook: What Vancouver’s leader in Social Media Marketing is doing well.

As part of my semi-regular series “Show Don’t Tell” let’s take a look at http://www.facebook.com/6smarketing to see how these Vancouver Social Media leaders are using the medium.

6s social media marketing imageWelcome Tab and User Experience
I noticed right away that 6s wisely lands visitors on a Welcome tab that:
–  introduces the page
– delivers a promotional message
– encourages visitors to participate
– has a call to action and link to a contact form.

I agree with this strategy. Many companies land visitors on their wall where they may see a more timely post as their first impression but there is no opportunity to give them a clear and consistent initial experience. Perhaps realizing that many people are using Facebook as a directory to find and contact companies in the same way as a corporate webpage, they have prioritized making it easy for visitors to understand them and make contact over entertaining and informing. If visitors are looking for a more general impression, they can easily click to the Wall.

They say the medium is the message, as an added bonus the very fact that 6s doesn’t default to the wall post communicates to prospective customers that they have FBML skills and are conscious of strategy on Facebook.

Intrigingly, when I visited the 6s page for the first time they had exactly “666” fans. 6’s are prominent in the company folklore and I was so curious to see if they had figured out a Facebook hack to keep the number at “666” that I “liked them just to see if I could push it to 667. Did it work? Do their numbers roll? Visit the page to see…

E-newsletter Sign-Up
Another tab 6s employs that is not common is a sign-up form for their company newsletter. This is a good way to advance their relationship with fans and put them in a position to more proactively send-out information and promotions.

Photo Tab
6s’ Facebook Photo tab includes images of their staff having fun which is consistent with the type of content you would normally find in a FB profile and works well to show the company’s personality to prospective clients and staff.

Content and Blog Cross-posting
6s cross-posts its blog content to its wall and also posts it via RSS in the “Boxes” section. They are clever to include some pop culture topics that are likely topical and trending on Twitter like The Social Network movie to capitalize on general interest to bring viewers to their page.


User Engagement
6s is doing a good job of responding to/acknowledging fan comments within the same day and where possible they try to keep the conversation going. The Social Network post is also a good example of how 6s initiates a conversation out of their content and responds to user comments:  “Can you think of anymore? Don’t be shy! Share them with us in the comments section below!”

Posting Frequency
6s posts at a reasonable rate of about a post ever two days. Interestingly this is consistent with a stat I heard this week at the Strategic Enrolment Management and Marketing Forum in Vancouver. Howard Kang, “Ignition Officer” with BlueFuego.com (a high energy speaker that was able to power the audience out of their carb induced comas with a combo of funny and fact), mentioned that their research showed the 100 most engaging companies on Facebook post an average of 3 times a week. The rational being that with people liking dozens of companies, they would be overwhelmed with multiple posts in a day and prefer quality over quantity.

Bonus Hilarity
On the topic of using Facebook well, props to aforementioned BlueFuego.com for turning the event of the 1000s Facebook fan into a viral marketing and community outreach opportunity. Rather than letting this watershed moment pass unnoticed they stormed the fan’s office and presented them with an audacious and bodacious ten foot trophy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYQyJ0_PInk

Your Take
Have you heard of any new trends emerging to counteract user-fatigue and information overload on Twitter or Facebook? Do you think publishing rates are decreasing?



  1. John Blown · November 29, 2010

    Hi Trevor,
    Thank you for the comments!!

    We provide feedback on others social media all the time, its good to hear some feedback on ours!



  2. Chris Breikss · November 29, 2010

    Hi Trevor,

    Thank you for your kind words about our ongoing Facebook marketing efforts. We are currently struggling with merging our Facebook places account with our Facebook business page, but this is the next area we plan to explore more for our clients.


    Chris Breikss
    6S Marketing

    • trevorjurgens · November 29, 2010

      I look forward to seeing what you do with FB Places Chris. I am paying attention to see if Facebook Places eclipses foursquare. It doesn’t look like it has achieved dramatic update yet but I am expecting a VHS vs Beta phenomenon, second (or later) into the market takes over because of better distribution/reach.

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