Show Don’t Tell, Social Media Pros That Use Social Media Well

I had the good fortune to collaborate with Magnify Digital while I was working as a Digital Strategist for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and they joined us as a contractor. Since then I have been keeping an eye on this Vancouver social media marketing agency helmed by Moyra Roger. Moyra is a hard working media maven held in high regard in Vancouver and beyond.

Moyra and Magnify definitely practice what they preach. Just as they would for their customers, they use social media to increase their profile, position themselves as industry experts and generate leads. As a matter of fact shortly before I logged on to write this post, Magnify had just tweeted about ALERT, a proprietary application they have developed and are licensing. On the weekend no less. Did I mention they are tireless?

Twitter is their primary vehicle for being relevant in the social media and marketing spheres. They have achieved a healthy following of over 1000 people and ranks them a 95 out of a possible 100 for Twitter influence.

Facebook has not generated as much traction for them which is not surprising given their B to B model. However they do maintain fresh content there through feeds and provide everything necessary to have potential clients that find them via this channel. To me, this shows Magnify understands social media marketing, don’t burn your resources in a venue that is not generating results. Instead they wisely focus on the Blog to optimize for search and increase traffic to their site. They use Twitter to spread and acquire information rather than force a conversation on Facebook since their audience isn’t engaging with them there.

One area I do see room for improvement in is Youtube. Magnify currently links to their channel but there are no videos in it. Nada. Bupkiss. I am sure great content is just around the corner but I would hold up on promoting the channel until showtime.

The Magnify blog is a worthwhile read. I am always impressed with the quality of the posts. Moyra and the other contributors do attempt to start a dialogue. Like at the bottom of this post on “Transmedia Marketing”.

Overall when I think of the content that Magnify is putting out I definitely think quality and value. And in the real sense, not like you might hear those two words associated with a Whopper.

Can anyone suggest other agencies using social media well to raise the profile and generate business?



  1. Moyra Rodger · November 8, 2010

    Wow, Trevor! Many thanks. I really appreciate your take. It means a lot coming from you as I have great respect for the work you did during the 2010 Games.

    Fair point about YouTube. Watch for video to play a much more central role in the coming weeks!

    All the best,

    • trevorjurgens · November 9, 2010

      My pleasure Moyra, it is all true. I hope to see you at an event for the Vancouver digital community soon.

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