Ten things that will kick start your brain.

One of my favorite parts of my career is getting to stay on top of design, entertainment, sociology and communications developments that all come together to form marketing that moves people. As I scan as much content as I can I often come across things that get my synapses firing even if they are not directly related to marketing. As the mind is star player for any creative worker you need to keep it stimulated to break through to your own next big idea. Here is a list of ten things that have inspired and energized me.

1) Marcelle the Shell – It just shows you that whatever you do, do it well, even if it is making a video about a shell with one eye. This guy is so cute you can’t help but get cheered up.

2) Design-milk.com – Who knew even chairs can be inspiring.

3) informationisbeautiful.net – truth well told wrapped up with a pretty bow. Data vizualization is coming to the masses and will hopefully save us from information overload.

4) Breakdance/ballet video – The range of human ability never ceases to amaze me. Seeing people doing what looks impossible makes you realize most of the barriers you face you create yourself.

5) Watch a magic show. When you see the “impossible” happen right before your eyes, it puts your brain in a sustained state of disonance. My experience is that this helps snap you out of thinking in the same patterns that you have habituated to. Seeing Travis Bernhardt perform at The Vancouver International Fringe Festival got my mind racing and I highly recomend you check him out if you can.

6) YesYesYall.org – you will see the work of some really talented people here and enjoy every minute of it. As an aside I love that you can’t jump forward in the videos so you put your trust in the curators and invest your 4 minutes to get the reward.

7) The blog http://www.stuckincustoms.com. Just try not to get too jealous of this guys life, get inspired and make it your own!

8) This promotional video for Boone Oakley. You have to do things differently to be noticed and these guys walk the walk.

9) Ted.com – No secret here but I have always wanted to be the 100,000,000 th person to link to something.

10) This quote. Embrace failure. Fail forward. Fail quickly. So that you can start again.


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