Social Media Testing – Hootsuite on Facebook

Vancouver based social media darling Hootsuite practice what they preach and use Twitter and Facebook to maintain relationships with their users. I would be interested to test how well Hootsuite is serving their community using their Facebook page Since Hootsuite is Facebook partner allowing scheduled puplishing to that network, they have a vested interest in using Facebook and using it properly. 

At first blush I would say Hootsuites’s current excecution on Facebook is actually decreasing goodwill and their positioning as social media experts with consumers. Many user questions are going unacknowledged for long periods of time. It would be valuable for Hootsuite to know if this is negatively effecting customer satisfaction and if so what changes could be made to remedy the problem.

The target population for the research would be users that are currently using Facebook to communicate with Hootsuite. This population is social media savvy and most likely to be active on Twitter and Facebook either personally or professionally so they can be effectively reached online and more specifically using Facebook itself. With over 100,000 fans a reasonable sample size could be drawn upon and specifically the smaller population of people asking questions through the Facebook “wall” would be very accesible.

This population would be important to research as they are likely the decision makers within organizations that may need Hootsuite products. If Hootsuite wants to continue to be seen as a leader in social media and migrate more current customers to a paid service it is important to determine if they are offering an adequate level of support and make improvements if necessary. By surveying this population Hootsuite could also identify what services/tools current users would be most willing to pay for in their paid “Pro” product.

It would be effective to set-up a web based survey and offer one month of Hootsuite Pro for free to people who respond. The incentive should encourage participation with a bias towards people that are emotionally invested in Hootsuite which in this case is appropriate as for this survey their opinions are more imprtant and informed than the general public that might be induced to respond if the reward was more general like an iPod giveaway. The survey would have the added benefit of driving product trial and creating a new population that could be surveyed to evaluate the perceived value of Hootsuite Pro after a one month evaluation.

The survey could be promoted directly on the Hootsuite wall, as an “event” invitation to all Hootsuite fans as well as using Twitter and the Hootsuite blog to attract participants. During the respondent recruiting phase, Hootsuite could also invite users to complete the survey in their responses to user questions on the “wall”.


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