Pandas on a plane

My aim is that if this blog were a person, you would want to sit beside them on a long-distance flight because they’re friendly, funny, share the good section of the newspaper and know when to shut up. Life can be too serious. People are busy and if they are going to take the time to read, I need to at worst give them something to grin about and at best give them a new perspective, while grinning.

I write about communications, advertising, sports, food and media. So do a lot of other people. So, my words need to stand out from the herd like pink pandas. Friendly pink pandas you want to take home to be your pets. Communicating in a way that makes people take notice and then take action is my product and if I can’t do it for myself, how can I suggest I’ll do it for clients?

Plus, like attracts like and I want to work with fun companies, companies that are serious about not taking themselves too seriously. Companies like

Threadless’ fun loving and informal culture comes through in their social media campaigns. They even almost make myspace seem cool

Threadless is brief in their social media communications. They talk about the important things, like cool t-shirts and food. For a week all they really used Twitter for was to get street food trucks to set-up in front of their office so they could dine.

Crouching Tiger Stolen Panda.

Even when they are mad, Threadless is friendly. And smart about spreading the brand love. When one of their contributor’s designs was “appropriated” by a visual artist for a gallery show, they took effective action and blended it with a good dose of humour. Via a flash-mob they staged a silent protest. Most wore t-shirts featuring the stolen design, bar one who wore a full-size panda costume. They snapped some great pics and made sure to get them up in their flickr account. Of course the activation got mentioned in many other blogs because people don’t like cheaters and they love pandas.

Hopefully Threadless doesn’t forget their persona and their community as they continue to grow. Of late on Facebook they seem less neighbourly. Listening less and taking a longer time to respond to customer comments on the wall, sometimes not at all. They are becoming somewhat one-sided in the conversation, pushing recent promotions and products is becoming a bigger portion of their Twitter pie (where once meat-pies served from trucks were the order of the day). Their community is following suit, most posts are just plugs for individual designs trying to score enough votes to get printed. And last time I checked that type of banter is rarely grin inducing.


One comment

  1. creativebyrosey · October 4, 2010

    You’re right Trevor – people love pandas and blog posts with fun titles will get read more often! Love the new tone. Great post and now I’m heading over to because they seem very cool.

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